Two week Fiji itinerary: Travelling around Fiji on a budget

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Fiji really is pure paradise. As much as we’d all love to spend forever and a day on its white sandy beaches, life (and budgets!) might get in the way of that. So here’s the ultimate two week Fiji itinerary, to make the most of your time in this stunning island nation.


Full two week Fiji itinerary to explore fiji on a budget

Beach at Blue Lagoon Resort


  • 1 Two week Fiji Itinerary: Island hopping or mainland?
  • 2 How to island hop in Fiji
  • 3 Two week Fiji Itinerary
  • 3.1 Arrive in Nadi
  • 3.2 Beachcomber Island
  • 3.3 Mantaray Island
  • 3.4 Long Beach
  • 3.5 Blue Lagoon
  • 3.6 Octopus
  • 3.7 Back to Nadi

Two week Fiji Itinerary: Island hopping or mainland?

By far the best thing to do in Fiji is to spend a few weeks island hopping up the Mamanuca and Yasawa archipelago. These tiny white-sand-blue-sea islands are Fiji’s most accessible slices of paradise, making for the ultimate two week Fiji itinerary. I’ve travelled around the mainland before, and whilst it is so worth doing, if you’re short on time it’s definitely better to prioritise the island groups.


Yasawa Islands from a drone showing the reef at Blue Lagoon Resort

Yasawa Islands

The islands are generally very small, each hosting one small village and one resort. Although the idea of staying at a resort may seem a little alien to the backpacking traveller, many resorts cater to a variety of budgets.

For instance, some island resorts will offer beach front bures (little cottages) that are suitable for luxury honeymooners willing to spend hundreds of dollars per night on their room, whilst they also have dormitories for backpackers.

These dormitories are very affordable, and generally really nice too. The only thing to note before you go is that due to the fact that each island is so small, with only one eatery option, the resorts enforce a compulsory meal plan charge.

This can range from FJD$80-120 per day, where the difference in price certainly reflects the quality of the food on offer. The meal plan charge is unavoidable so just embrace it, and make sure to follow this itinerary or read all about the best islands in Fiji to visit to ensure you end up at the islands with the best food.

It makes it all inclusive so you might as well kick back, relax, and enjoy some of the incredible dishes available at islands like Blue Lagoon or Octopus.


On the beach at Octopus resort, at the end of the two week fiji itinerary

Octopus Resort Beach

How to island hop in Fiji

If the idea of meandering from perfect beach to brightly coloured reef along an archipelago of world class islands floats your boat, you’ll need to get yourself a boat pass for island hopping up the Mamanuca and Yasawa groups.

Every morning, a boat leaves Port Denerau in mainland Nadi, and travels the whole way up the Mamanuca islands to the northern tip of the Yasawas by early afternoon. It stops at 25 islands on the way, before turning round to come back again.

Therefore, each day a boat will pass each island twice, once going north and once going south. The idea is that you can gradually island hop your way north, then island hop your way south.

To pay for individual journeys on this boat is expensive, so luckily you can purchase a hop-on-hop-off ‘Bula Pass’ to allow you unlimited travel (in one direction only, north then south) for a specified period of time. You can purchase a Bula Pass with Awesome Adventures here. For this itinerary you’d need a 13 day Bula Pass.

Awesome adventures offer the Bula Pass in combination with accommodation, but I really wouldn’t recommend this. They offer one or two ‘coconut’ accommodation options, that effectively act like stars for the hotel resorts – hence limiting you to a certain standard of island.

In reality, if you’re on a budget but still want to experience the best islands, it’s a good idea to visit a combination of one and two ‘coconut’ properties – which of course wouldn’t be possible on the Combo Bula Pass.

This two week Fiji itinerary will allow you to save money on the one coconut islands, whilst still experiencing the best of the two coconut islands by staying in their dormitories.

Therefore, just go for the Bula Pass boat only option, and book your accommodation separately, with relevant links included below. Note: You must book accommodation in advance as the islands really do book up, plus, you won’t be allowed off the boat without accommodation confirmed.


Octopus resort fiji drone shot of the beach

Long Beach Resort Beach

Two week Fiji Itinerary

Arrive in Nadi

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